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Find Your Purpose ~ Get In The Flow ~ Grow Your Business

Personal mentoring to help you live the best and truest expression of yourself in all areas of your life, so that you reach your full potential, lead in your field and make a greater impact.

Do You Struggle With Knowing What Path To Take?

Do you find yourself feeling an inner restlessness and lacking focus or direction?


Or perhaps you have a sense that you have a bigger purpose; that you're here to make a bigger difference? 

Do you see yourself at a crossroads in your business and not having the same drive or motivation anymore. A feeling of "Imposter Syndrome", being on a treadmill or the proverbial hamster wheel? 

Or wonder what will give you more joy, meaning and fulfilment?

Well, you're not alone!

I work with business owners, CEOs, directors, C-suite executives and celebrities internationally.


Having originally qualified as a Management Accountant, I’ve worked extensively in many areas – business development, scaling businesses, personal fulfilment, and maximising mental performance, to name but a few.

Being born the 7th son, of a 7th child, of a 7th child, from a very young age, I would intuitively "see" images and have knowings, along with being able to "pick up" information empathically, from other people.


As this developed over the years, it became very useful in my career and business. I have also used it to guide my clients to their purpose and to be on the right track for them, so that they reached their full potential.

But I wanted to find a way that others could follow so as not to have to rely on my intuition for guidance. The reason being is that many people questioned whether I was "making it up".

From developing The Executive Code™ methodology, I'm able to help guide my clients to their true self and purpose. I know empathically, and from my innate intuition, that the evidence that has been discovered from the methodology, is in line with the "knowings" that I receive, and therefore the client is on the right track.


As a result, former and current clients describe me as a “game-changer” or as a “secret weapon”.


My passion lies in guiding people to find their true life purpose, aligning their business/career to their purpose, scaling their business and teaching them how to live a happier life of inspiration, fulfilment and reward.

In this way I am also able to help so many people that are feeling lost, or even depressed or suicidal.

I'm exceptional at discovering what will bring individuals fulfilment and meaning, that is unique to them, and leading them to their life purpose and direction in their life and business.

How It Works...


Discover Your Internal Priorities

Aristotle referred to the fact that each individual has an inner desire to fill what is empty in their life, i.e. we seek to make full what is empty. These voids which are most empty, we will want to fulfil the most. Therefore we unconsciously seek out ways to fill the inner emptiness in our life. This is how personal fulfilment is achieved. So the things that you unconsciously desire to fulfil the most in your life, will determine what your Internal Priorities are. For many people that are unaware of what their personal Internal Priorities are, it can lead to them feeling a lack of fulfilment or meaning in their life. Or a sense that they’ve lost their mojo, purpose or focus. So how we determine what will bring maximum personal fulfilment, is by identifying your Internal Priorities. Each person’s Internal Priorities are unique. They are fingerprint specific. I go through a questioning process of finding the evidence in a person's life which leads us to discover what your Internal Priorities are.


Discover Your Purpose

The highest purpose is what the Greek philosophers referred to as the Telos, or the “end in mind”. Or what I call your North Star. This Telos or North star is what you are most inspired to fulfil. Napoleon Hill called your highest priority ‘your chief aim in life’. It is from discovering your internal priorities and a further questioning process, that we discover your Purpose. The evidence is all there, we just need to bring it out of your Unconscious, and into your consciousness. This is also where I bring my innate intuition into play so as to make sure you are on the right track.


Discover Your Why

Knowing your Internal Priorities, your Purpose, and your Role in Life, is exceptional, but we also want to discover Why you want to pursue your particular Purpose. It is with this that your drive and motivation will stem from. It is what will get you jumping out of bed in the morning to fulfil. 


Connect Your Executive Centre To Your Unconscious

The Executive Centre part of your brain, located in the prefrontal cortex, is responsible for objectivity, creativity, innovation, and planning. It’s purpose is to find the fastest, easiest, and less costly way (in terms of time, energy, effort) to achieve your goals. It does this with the help of your unconscious. The conscious mind can only process 50 bits of information per second. Whereas the Unconscious processes 11 million bits of information per second. So it makes sense to operate as much as possible with your Unconscious. How this is achieved most effectively and most sustainably, is by your Internal Priorities. And then we develop other ways that enhance your two-way communication - between your Executive Centre and your Unconscious so that you achieve your goals in the fastest, easiest and less costly way.


Connect Your Unconscious To The SuperConscious

If you can imagine being able to process 11 million bits of information per second through your Unconscious, now imagine infinite! This is where the SuperConscious comes into play, or what is referred to as God, Higher Mind, Higher Power, Universe, Source. When this connection is understood and developed, then you get to experience life in a whole different way. This is when you achieve total freedom.


Maintaining Equilibrium

If you can imagine a pendulum that runs from your Executive Centre, through your Unconscious, and through to the SuperConscious, then you can imagine that when the pendulum is in equilibrium i.e. in balance, then it will maintain that connection through all of these three elements. When we are out of balance, or out of equilibrium, we are therefore out of connection with our Unconscious and the SuperConscious. What puts us out of equilibrium? Fear, anxiety, worry, resentment, anger, hurt, stress, attachments, judgements, addictions, one-sided thinking, shame,'s a long list. So how do you achieve equilibrium? Well, The Executive Code™ dissolves these emotions and feelings. And it does it in such a way that works with how the conscious mind operates. It's the neuroscience behind it that enables these emotions to be dissolved. Therefore they can be dissolved quickly and permanently.


Build Your Self

There are many elements that need to be built and developed so as to achieve your purpose and full potential - your courage, your confidence, your self-belief, your self-worth, your care for yourself, your competence, your commitment, your trust, your resilience, your integrity, your leadership, and removing negative patterns and beliefs that are holding you back...again this list goes on too. For all of these areas, I have developed a methodology that is contained within The Executive Code™ that achieves rapid results. It's part of the reason why my clients achieve far greater results. 

What It Does For You...

You get to live a more joyful, fulfilling and meaningful life.

You achieve your goals and objectives much quicker and much more easily.

You get to live your purpose, reach your full potential and make a much greater impact.

Imagine what it will be like when you're in the flow - for your life and your business - and the difference that would make for you.

Quite simply - imagine jumping out of bed every morning to do what you love doing and making the difference you want to make, and of course be well rewarded for it - how would that make you feel?

Which way do you prefer to work?

One-To-One ~ Face-To-Face ~ Virtual via Zoom/Skype

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- take it at your pace.

Let's talk first and if it feels right for you, we can take it from there...

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“I have rekindled my passion and love for my business, and remember again why it is I do what I do."

Deirdre Burke

"Paul was able to see an avenue in my business to increase income that I had not considered."

Philip Gillivan 

"Working with Paul was one of the best business decisions I could have made."

Susan Kelly

"This has been a positive life changing experience in both a business and a personal sense."

Eddie Grace – Managing Director

"With the simple solutions Paul gave me, within ten months I tripled my turnover."

Heidi Sawyer – Managing Director

"In our first year alone we got a seven fold return on our investment with Paul."

Kenneth Garvey – Partner